5th December 2006

Duplicated web pages and google

Google start to ignore duplicated web pages.

duplicated pages could be any kind of paragraph words that are similar to any web page in the internet.

when Google see this it will mark this page as “Supplemental Result”.

Supplemental Result are the worst thing that can happened to your site.

supplemental result will only show by google search results when there isn’t any good results to bring at all.

if your site will have lot’s of supplemental results, your site will be banned for google search results.

if someone copy your web pages content google should know that you write this content if is index this pages first, but if you will you will have any problem with your site google can think that the owner of this content it’s the one that copy from you and banned you for google search result’s, so you have to be alert about that.
to fix this your have to use tools like CopyScape to fix the duplicate content problem  (changed your pages until it’s not show that someone copy your site or your site will be dead from google search results.

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5th December 2006

Should i buy expired domain name with dmoz and yahoo directory listed ?

Expired domain was a big hit in the past.

these days google is like a domain registration. google have a patent to monitor web sites whois information and see any owner changing including domain experation and changed of owner domain, that kind of changes are mask major changes and put a red flag at your site.

expired domain for yahoo and msn a great and can relay boost tour results in that kind of search engines.

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5th December 2006

For how long should i register my domain ?

Domain names can be register between 1 to 10 years maximum.

not all domain registration services are provide domain registration for 10 years.

when you only register domain for 1 year, you could have a problem and you could forgot to renew your domain, your domain will have more 15 days extra until it’s moving to unavailable to web users, but give you more 15 days to register your domain with a regular price.

after the 30 days that domain is in a “pending delete” with give the owner 30 more days a chance to get back is domain for lot’s of money.

there is a major problem with google if you only register the domain for 1 year.

most spam sites also register a domains for 1 year, so if you register your domain for 10 years Google will know that you value your site, just make any search in google for competitive keyword and look at the search results all wake a “howis” search at http://www.whois.sc and see that all competitive domain are register for 10 years !.

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4th December 2006

How to get your own web site with domain registration and web hosting ?

How to get your own web site ?, here are the steps to do that:

1) Domain Registration - Internet domain names are the first step you will need in order to have your own web site in the internet.

you can find a free domain name that also provide web hosting for free, but the problem there that you will get domain like that: http://www.geocities.com/kkisie2000/webpromotion.htm, that are not very user friendly.

for $4.95 you can register .info at Cheap Domain Names, or for $7.85 you can register a .com domain. after you buy the domain you will only need to update your domain dns server (domain name resolving) that you will get when you will register to any web hosting services.
2) Web Hosting - how to host your new domain is very important in the eyes of search engine and mostly google.

many webmaster often to the mistake of getting a web hosting in another region as they target region place, for example it you target you site for UK user and host your domain at US, you will miss all the first result at http://www.google.uk.

also you should get hosting that have a uptime of 98% of more, because search engines can visit you all the time (you will never know when) and every time the search engine don’t find your site it will put a remark on your site that will not be good thing for you.

you will need to choose with kind of hosting are you looking for ? - linux of windows base, do you need php support of asp support.

for php support you can used linux or windows hosting. for asp you will have to get a windows web hosting.

also you need to choose if you will need mysql database of sql database. mysql database is mostly available with linux hosting but can be found with windows hosting. microst sql database is only available with windows base web hosting. it can be an extra charge for creating a database, you should check it before you pay.

you can get a very cheap linux base web hosting staring from only $1 at  Website Hosting

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