Why was my order rejected or marked as fraud ?

Due to the number of individuals that utilize a hosting company to perform fraudulent or illegal purposes, we have contracted with MaxMind anti-fraud technology.

Fraudster techniques becoming more advanced.
Techniques used in online card-not-present fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional fraud screening tools can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Today, fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information, pose as the legitimate card holder, and bypass standard fraud checks.

Looking at fraud from a different angle
At MaxMind they approach fraud screening in a different way. They examine an online transaction from various angles. Their tools are not geared towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details used for the purchase, but rather, identifying if the purchaser is the legitimate card holder. Through their analysis, they have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. By asking the right questions, they can provide Obsidian Moon Creations with the necessary information to detect fraudulent orders before the payment is processed.

If any of the following occur, your order will be rejected by our system:

  • Block orders where order address is different from IP Location
  • Block orders where the user is ordering through a Proxy
  • Block orders from high risk countries

If your order was incorrectly marked as fraudulent, please contact our sales department and they will handle this issue accordingly and as fast as possible.

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