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Finding Domain Name - Dashed Domain Name

December 28th, 2006

Finding domain name are hard today.

lot’s of combination domain name already registered.

webmasters mostly looking for keyword related domain to submit - because keyword related domain name are hot is search engines because it promote your search keywords.

if your cant find your keyword, you can find keyword that separate with dash.

i do not recommended doing so, it can work good for now, but in the long run it can be a problem because search engines are spherically google are now looking for natural web sites and not promoted web sites, and it can be spot as you try to used keyword in url and it’s not your brand name.
To your domain name - Dashed Domain Names

search engine focus on user results so it not friendly domain name with dashes.

also i don’t recommended using long url because of that and i know that today long url are very bad for good search engine results.

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