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How To Get Indexed Fast By Google - How Google Works ?

January 8th, 2009

How Google Works ?

Google have 2 typed of web crawler.

the first one are fast web crawler.

the second one are deep web crawler.

fast web crawler are scan web sites to find out if there is any web update mostly at the home page and the pages that links from the home page.

deep web crawler are come to index web pages.

deep web crawler are first index the page and then look for to much similar keyword from similar sites. if your web pages are too similar to another web page, your page will not be removed from Google index and will not listed in Google search results.

How to Get Indexed Fast By Google ?

1. Google loves links back, especially links that pointing to inside pages in web sites. it’s a sign that people love to visit your page so it must be useful to web visitors. so try to build links to your site inside pages.

2. Google webmaster tools are good way to update google about your sites pages, make sure you submit a site map to them.

3. forum signature are make your site more indexed by google.