SSL Certs

February 25th, 2011

What is SSL Certs ?

SSL Certs are web bit code of internet cryptographic protocol that provide web communication security.

SSL are Secure Sockets Layer internet protocol for securing websites private information.

the ssl cert service provide point to point security protocol between client and server.

ssl cert protocol usually used to secure payment or secure private information that transfer over the internet.

Compare SSL Certs:

1. VeriSign - The older ssl certificate provider. is the first one that offer ssl certificates and the most expansive ssl license today. they offer up to 256 bit ssl certificates. there certs required SSL client authentication.

2. Go Daddy SSL - GoDaddy mostly are the biggest internet domain register company. they also offer cheap ssl certificates. there standard SSL protection are starting from $12.99/year.

3. Positive SSL - The cheapest ssl certificate you can find over the internet. prices start from $9.95/year.

4. Instant SSL - 1024 bit ssl certificates. prices stating from $49.99/year.

5. Geo Trust - the world second largest digital certificate provider. Quick SSL staring from $149/year.

6. Cheap SSL Certificates - cheap ssl certificates offer 128 bit and 256 bit ssl certificates with instant activation.

Read more about SSL Certs:

Wikipedia SSL - What is a Secure Sockets Layer ?. - What is ssl.

How to Use SSL - SSL guide explain how to use SSL.

SSL FAQ - SSL basic faq.

SSL Wiki - how to issue ssl certs.


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