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Bad Neighbourhood and Blog Post Services - How Not to Promote Your site

January 5th, 2009

Bad neighborhood links to your site are not a good thing.

the are some kind of bad neighborhood sites.

1) links form link exchange sites - you put a code in your site that all the sites links to your site and you links to all the sites.

2) links from general directories - there are devalue more and more by google.

3) duplicated copy of another sites - this site still content for another site, they don’t write any unique content, just copy there content.

4) sites that are like a clone for another site, they build to promote another site by putting links buck to them.

there also a blog post services that are offer you the same article in all of there blog networks. this kind of sites don’t have anything to offer, they are just duplicated sites are don’t any value not too users and not to search engines.



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