i want to register a new internet domain name, what extension will be best for me ?

December 17th, 2006

most people look form .com domains because:

1. that was the first domain extension when the internet was created :-) .

2. it’s present that the site are for commercials propose.

3. it’s not cost to match at these days (you can find .com domain registration from only $7.75 per year at

4. search engines love it and look at .com domain as most important domain for commercials searches.

there are many people that register .org domain haven that there site is not organization because they are mostly look good to search engines.

some people register .info domain because of the very cheap price of them - you can find register a new domain for less then $2 for 1 year at or just go and register domain for about $4.75 for a year at places like:

also we have a good article about how long should i register my domain that is mostly important to register domain for a long time for showing at google search results.



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