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Link Building For SEO

August 16th, 2009

Link building is a very important for seo. It can be done in the organic way or in the non-organic way. But link building is becoming harder and harder by the passing of time to get quality links. Nowadays if you look at your own link building campaign efforts and compare it to the amount of effort you needed to get quality links it the past to boost page rank you will see that it is becoming harder and harder to get good links. The reasons are stated below:

Improving search engine algorithms is one of them. Search engines are getting better and better with determining the quality and relevancy of links. Now MSN search factors is not just the domain age of your own page but the domain age of the pages linking to you as well. What this means is that even amassing a large amount of links is no longer enough if search engines deem those links are low quality links.

Blogging politics is also changed. Brotherly and sisterly atmosphere is not any more exist among the bloggers. It is over. Simply the good days of getting organic links are easily gone. This is because the politics of Blogging has shifted so that the Blogging politically savvy never link out just for the sake of it. Links are seen as a very important commodity so that links are only given out by bloggers if they’ll benefit from it.

The ambience of competition lies everywhere. You cannot spare the mans blogs even if you are a great admirer of him. It sounds really sad and depressing. You should note though that this game of blogging politics is really played only by bloggers who want to make the most out of the money floating out there and this thing is disruptive to the blogosphere. Whether you agree to this thing or not though the sad truth is that there are bloggers who are playing this game and these are the very same bloggers that have great enough blogs to be sources of excellent link juice. With them staying away from sharing link love it makes organic link building all the more harder. If you can not rely on organic link building then you can go around fishing for links but you should remember that it is better for you to find the blogs that seem to still link out for the sake of it or you’ll be wasting your time on some blogs where you wont have much hope of getting any link unless you have something to offer in return.

Organic link building is harder but still organic building is advisable. Because the reason is simple. It is even harder to get results the non-organic way. By non-organic we mean buying links and spamming. Though there are bloggers out there not willing to share link love any more there are still lots that link to other bloggers for the mere reason that they liked an entry or admire someone.


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