Choosing Your Domain Names

August 1st, 2009

Once your domain name to change your site is approved, it may be a very expensive risk, then the solution is to choose the correct domain name right from the start.

Domain Name Registration

Not long ago, I have to promote and practice, you should “never register your domain name through your web hosting, however attractive the transaction could be:” Why? Because in the past is not uncommon Web host response to anger is a little ‘idea to make these delicious ooooh annual fee to a competitor.

However, times have changed, the network is mature, ripe for a virtual hosting service. Most countries recognize the fact that large sums to provide high-quality service.

And more importantly, very well-known web hosting company offers a number of very attractive, with registration of domain name hosting package.

Therefore, the use of such cheap domain name registration / Web Hosting package only until the hosting company is well established reputation. If you find that move the battlefield of the domain name, you can contact the International Organization for Assigned Names and Numbers (Beijing time).

Another thing to consider when you register your domain name is not just rely on your domain name registration, to ensure that the domain name is capable of thinking and does not violate the rights of the marks third parties (unless you like to be sued). To doubly ensure that your domain name is not the issue of trademark infringement, search after registration of the domain name provided by the site, you can also check in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) http://www. U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. Head.

When your domain name registration, this is a good idea to register more than one year. The reason is that, in addition to the usual discount for registration for many years, most of your domain name registration, Google (other search engines may be) considered as a multi-year domain name registration is not likely that the spam sites. Therefore, the right of the bat from your site will have the advantage of a search engine (at least to Google) as a short evaluation period inn in Google.

Finally, as regards the registration of the domain name, a large number of domain name registration company, where all the desire, the desire to register your new name. Domain name registration prices as low of $ 10 rose to U.S. $ 35 U.S. per year, beyond each year. In general, it is meaningless for the registration of the most expensive choice, because there will be more or less the same service. In fact, some cheap domain name registration companies provide better service.

But no matter you are using the services to ensure your domain name is registered to use your name. Some of the more stringent registration of the domain name has been referred to as the new domain name registration information with their own. You can check your domain name registration to view your information at: http://www. InterNIC. Net / whois queries. HTML format.

Domain Name Game

So, what kind of domain name, you want to do? You want to choose a domain name registration targeted keywords, or whether to take the memorable lines of the brand, like Google, Yahoo and Amazon (to name a few) so surprising success. So if your site is business-related or involved in some form of commercial significance, is a good domain name in the search for keywords. Most online activity has yet been found by the search engine query. In general, however, a good rule of thumb is to find the longer term (for the market) in your domain name.

Shorter more memorable domain name that is yes. However, we found that most one-word/two-word domain name has been kidnapped. The first option is to break your word targeted keyword with another word. The jury is still, even though about a hyphen, but most experts agree, Xu hyphenating then a series of long-term search engine friendly domain name. The disadvantage is that when it comes to word-of-mouth spread and will not affect most people, including those who hate the line, and its consequences, is intended to refer to your domain name may be the competitor in the home. So, as you can see, the whole process of nominating your domain name is a good balance.

Coquettish arts domain

There is a budding artist in all of us are just waiting for the right time and place to show the world our new Leonardo da Vinci. Having said that, but you insert the name of the domain name does not mean that the artist within. Names and numbers to avoid flirtatious words interspersed into force (for example, not 4), which only confuse potential customers and torture with the bunch of regret for the road somewhere. In fact, the best rule is to prevent the domain name in your. However, if your domain on the other hand, works only as a platform for networking and the world know the existence of your indifference, and then through a variety of means to loose!

The bottom line, your domain name is your identity online, so please try to choose something that is memorable, with the price of search engine, but also inspired the trust and respect.

While the small points. The COM or not a small point. Components

These days it has been a growing number of choices, the expansion of the domain name. This is good news, because it is increasingly difficult to find a good domain name ending in. As for the execution of under 20 paragraph (Well, may be the early hours of an exaggeration, but you get the point). However, the shortcomings of using outside any. COM is human nature to expand. You can see the people and customs of the product with air conditioning, and is considering a similar domain name, (instead of extension), you can bet that most of us instinctively right for the domain name. COM growth, no question about it. COM expansion is the most easily identifiable.

Think twice before you solve even the most high-level country code domain names such as business. The United Kingdom. Unless you are based in the region and the main areas of ship, for example, a domain can have a negative impact on your business. Think about it … a potential customer in the U.S. or another part of the world does not relish the prospect of forking a small shipping and handling of wealth, they can easily find more local competitors. Not the same as far as possible regionalization of the domain name (unless your company to meet market found that only in the region), because you may lose potential customers who live in other places.

Finally, if you provide will be a lot of traffic through word-of-mouth recommendations, you might consider a similar domain name registration and redirect to your main URL (such as the World Wide Web Africasafarizone. Com and the World Wide Web Africansafarizone. COM) network of the former squatters (people who have registered the domain name and I hope that their sales profit) get wind of your success and growing which is fighting for it.


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