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Silo Web Design - Smart Seo Web Design

December 8th, 2008

Silo web design can make your site rank very high in short time by using a smart seo web design

What is Silo Web Design ?

Silo Web Design is a way to build web sites in way that will give your site more authority in the eye of google see you site.

On December 2006, google filled a patent that would filter a spam in any document. you can read the patent in here: Detecting spam documents.

What Silo Web Design Means ?

Google patent are an algorithm that will index and rate the relevancy of document or page to determine if the document or the page keyword are related to what you are writing in the document.

it’s all about the document theme density.

Silo Website Diagram:

Read more about it at: Silo Structured Website & Google Spam Detection


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