The truth about reciprocal links

January 3rd, 2007

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Reciprocal links are not a good thing.

this days google affectingly monitor web sites links.

if a link for a link back are detected, google will not count this link so much.

it can be maybe a boot to google page rank, but to much more then than.

also if you do link exchange it can harm you site them makes it good.

you can mix your site with some link exchange, but don’t build you site only with this or your will get ban from google search results.

with yahoo and msn any link count, but please note that this search engines update there algorithms all the time, so it will be only temporary search result improvement.

remark: don’t used this automatic link exchange, that dozen web sites links to the same dozen sites. it will block your site from msn and google, and soon yahoo will block you.

i found good resource about the reciprocal link truth here

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