how to be in google top search results or should i optimization my sites to search engines ?

December 13th, 2006

right now google is the most important search engine there is because most of the internet users use him (about %70), so we will focuses of how to get top serach results to your site from google.

1. register a domain for 10 years.

2. setup you site and make some content pages.

3. put links to your site and wait until the search engine notice your site and scanned it and put it in there index.

4. don’t changed anything big in your site like title (google is testing you!) so just forget about seo (search engine optimization) and just build content to your site slowly, so when the search engine come back and see that there isn’t seo trick that you made, and you site have a new content, the search engine will monitor you to see if your add more content and if so it will come a crawls your new content pages and your site soon we be an authority site. - What makes an authority site?
if you continue to do so and put content that is relevant to your site and that is something that you wrote yourself and don’t copy it from anyware the search engine rewards you and just by doing that will give you top search engine result’s.

important notes: if you fink that copy another site and put it at your site will make you good than forget about that and read this: Duplicated Content



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