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Duplicated web pages and google

December 5th, 2006

Google start to ignore duplicated web pages.

duplicated pages could be any kind of paragraph words that are similar to any web page in the internet.

when Google see this it will mark this page as “Supplemental Result”.

Supplemental Result are the worst thing that can happened to your site.

supplemental result will only show by google search results when there isn’t any good results to bring at all.

if your site will have lot’s of supplemental results, your site will be banned for google search results.

if someone copy your web pages content google should know that you write this content if is index this pages first, but if you will you will have any problem with your site google can think that the owner of this content it’s the one that copy from you and banned you for google search result’s, so you have to be alert about that.
to fix this your have to use tools like CopyScape to fix the duplicate content problem  (changed your pages until it’s not show that someone copy your site or your site will be dead from google search results.



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