How To Build Your Link - The Smart Way

December 17th, 2006

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did you notice that can be one site that have 10,000 links, site with 1000 links, buy that site with the only 1000 links wins in search engine results, so didn’t you asked yourself way ?

There are some kind of links that you should point to your site.

1) old sites - for google the older the better.

2) Authority Sites - authority link are the most important because it’s value lot’s in the eyes of google.

3) write lot’s of relevant content to your site and link it to authority’s sites - if your act like an authority sites and link to authority sites - your must be authority sites.

4) Web Directory - you can submit to internet directory - here the list of most important directories that could help you much but it can cost you a lot at Strong Directory

also you can submit for cheap at this directory - just look at the footer for more please to submit cheap links
also you can submit for free to lot’s of free directory that can be located at Digital Point Forum

5) write press release about your sites.

6) submit articles to articles directory.

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